Diary Entries

Conscious Riding

Photo by Olga Kravchuk on Unsplash Dear Diary,  Like any little girl, I've had this enormous passion for horses as a child. I drew notebooks after notebooks of horses, cowboys and ranch stories... Watched weekly series of Black Beauty and Folly Foot (a British show in the 70's about life on a horse farm). Dreamed … Continue reading Conscious Riding

The Luxury of Eating What You Want.

Dear Diary, On my way home, I saw the word "VEGAN" scrawled on a traffic pole. 😂 I thought this was very funny, considering that I considered herbivores to be rather gentle by nature. Aside from a few friends I know who associate their choice to be vegan to a social and political fight to … Continue reading The Luxury of Eating What You Want.

Little Reiko’s Moments: Affirmation

Today was a productive, busy day where it seemed like a non-stop run of events and things to do. From work, to class, to therapy - Wednesdays is a long marathon non-stop rush of chasing schedules, like clockwork. But we've had pockets of fortunate happenings yesterday and today – getting a seat on a crowded … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Affirmation