Little Reiko’s Moments: The Near Future

When asked the question, “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” my answer has always been:

“I don’t know.”

It’s an honest response, because my life has been so transient ever since I could remember, that I know too well that nothing can stay the same forever. In my case, change has always come swiftly and thrown into the deep end. While it’s okay to dream, I can never make plans that far ahead.

So I choose to live life, day by day, moment by moment. In the past year when we have lost so many dear friends and parents, relatives’ lives, it’s become even more imperative for me to live consciously each moment that I breathe.

….and I’m not just saying this because I read some Eckhart Tolle book on NOW or citing Pema Chodron, or Deepak Chopra. I’ve decided to take my time this year to do everything carefully and consciously, and appreciate each process as much as I can.

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