Dear Diary,

This winter the snow and the cold is ridiculous. Okay… so it’s not the worst winter I’ve experienced with snow, as I look back at 1996 when there was massive snow fall every day that I would wake up to dead silence – open the blinds and scream,

“Noooooooo!!! NOT AGAIN???”

Snow was massive that year. 2nd avenue turned into a ski slope and New Yorkers were wearing cross-country skis and the snow banks were so tall that the bus shelters literally disappeared, along with cars. I had the urge to fall into the snow and try a snow angel, but I stopped myself for the fear of hitting my head inadvertently on a hidden fire hydrant or a car, which you would never encounter if this was in the ‘burbs. Plus I have an innate fear of falling backwards blindly so that never happened.

But I digress.

With the bitter polar arctic freeze and the incessant snowfalls, staying fashionable has become a long-lost principle.


Working freelance and constantly being busy has pushed being fashionable to the back burner. I know, it’s not an excuse not to look good but the cold and the schedule, limited cash flow has made it lesser a priority for me.

So as I head out the door, I will wear my usual: jeans or black pants, 2 – 3 layers of stocking or leggings, t-shirt and sweater, tie up my hair in some decent fashion, apply some makeup and dash out to brave the elements (car, commuters, tourists, trains, bikers, weather). There’s very little variation between the day-to-day outfits, and it seems I’ve settled into this routine of just put clothes on, and get the hell out.

May I also add that I have not made time to go get my hair cut for over 3 months so now it is super long. I also have naturally wavy, curly hair and LOTS of it, so without a proper hair cut and care, you are looking at a perpetually over-grown garden of sorts. It’s reached a point of creeping just beyond the point of borderline manageable (or tolerable) and so this adds to the “look”.

In effort to at least try to make myself look a little more professional and presentable, I apply make up. Just simple, basic makeup.

But… by mid-day, even this no-frills basic make up somehow disappears and as I take a bathroom break, I see that the eyeliner has created a smear mark below my eyes, thus making for a lovely “stage makeup” – resembling an Alice Cooper look. Not to mention, my lipstick was long gone with breakfast and the only thing that is left in tact is my eyebrows…. thank god. Why do people NEVER tell you this is happening to your eye makeup, I don’t know.

Lovely….. Just….. Lovely.


So it was in the midst of noticing how far I had fallen from looking “fashionable” and “put together” that the name “Frumpalina” came about. Added with my hair being so unmanageably long, along came with it was “Rapunzel”.

In short, I call myself “Frapunzel” when I see myself hit those new levels of low. I’m not looking homeless – yet – but something must be done about this. At least…. the Alice Cooper make up.

So far the hair cut appointment has been made. Next would be to give myself a little more time in the am and effort in picking out the less dowdy looking clothes to put on, but for today as the temperatures drop once more to the low 20’s, the UGG(lies) will come out with me again.

I can’t wait till spring is here. In fact, I “feel” there is some spring-ness in the air while the cold breeze still blows but maybe that’s wishful thinking. That said, I know for sure that I cannot survive in a place like Alaska. Props to those who live there, you have my respect.

If you have been praying for more snow, please go to Alaska or the North Pole. I hear there’s a special up there.

Little (Frumping) Reiko and (“oooh, is that candy?”) Turkey.

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