Little Reiko’s Moments: Affirmation

Today was a productive, busy day where it seemed like a non-stop run of events and things to do.

From work, to class, to therapy – Wednesdays is a long marathon non-stop rush of chasing schedules, like clockwork. But we’ve had pockets of fortunate happenings yesterday and today – getting a seat on a crowded train, a stranger delivering a phone I accidentally dropped unknowingly, funny moments on a very crowded car during rush hour where we all shared smiles and lastly treated to a free dinner by a familiar face at the our usual restaurant where we drop by for dinner on the way home.

On our subway ride back, my hubby nudges me to look up.

And there it was,
a simple affirmation
that punctuated the end of our very long, hard day.
The train doors opened
and there was a message waiting for us.
Today was an uneventful,
yet strangely unique, special day.

What a wonderfully simple, positive word


So I will say in return…

“Thank You”

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