Little Reiko’s Moments: Like A Brides Maid Dress

ugly-bridesmaid-dresses-pink-poufs-3.original copy

When you’re asked to do something of what you would consider as bad taste or idea to the project that you are working on – whether it be the client, your manager or a group of people hovering over you – it is like being asked to wear a really ugly, frilly, god awful bright colored brides maids dress and being photographed in it.

You feel utterly helpless and in your mind you think, “well… Thank God it’s not MY wedding” but sadly you will be associated with it forever as people snap away photos and post them online. Yet somehow, this dress is not only acceptable but is a *must have* in someone else’s world and state of being. So the only thing you can do is to burn the dress (or give it away to good will, who won’t want it either) and hope to never see it again – till the pictures pop up and remind you of the atrocity that was the dress.

It’s an interesting thing… perspective. Situations such as this make me think of the world in the movie, “Fight Club”. You can’t tell which what’s real and what is fantasy any more, because while you think you are being the sensible one, somehow your voice is out-numbered or over-ruled by others.

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