Four Strollers in a NY subway car.

Dear Diary,

Here’s a challenge to ponder:

Three couples and each with a stroller – there’s FOUR – get on board a crowded car at 5th avenue. Last couple has a deluxe stroller as massive as a Hummer. The father pushing it is also as big and tall as the stroller.

One family has TWO strollers, each carrying a toddler aged around 3 or 4. Mom’s trying to re-position them both and the little boy in the stroller decides to get rambunctious amidst the chaos. All four strollers are blocking both sides of the train doors. Riders are clambering over the strollers to get out at their station. One of the moms is pregnant, so I try offering her my seat but I’m pinned down by their damn strollers so I can’t.

I manage to finally get up, offer her a seat, then edge my way towards one side of the doors.

Meanwhile, Hummer stroller couple have managed to snag a sear near the door and have parked their sedan in the middle of the passage way.

As I stood there rolling my eyeballs, a strap hanger standing next to me smiled and said, “Thank goodness it’s Friday…. 😉“. I smile back while wondering how many strollers can one possibly fit on a crowded subway car and if these people ever considered to take a different entrance, if there were already other strollers going in ahead of them – especially the big man with the Hummer.

Then…. my stop comes up.

Alas…. It’s the wrong side.


The train pulls in to my stop, and I find myself facing grandma, who is now manning the two strollers still with the two tired toddlers in it. Mom is yelling at the kids to get up out of their seats so grandma can move the strollers out of the way but their little butts are GLUED to the stroller – no dice. Grandma is smiling sweetly but totally and utterly unprepared to maneuver two strollers at once. Strollers aren’t going anywhere, any time soon and they have formed a barricade around the train doors.

Just as I was thinking I’d have to climb over this poor old woman and her grand kids, thankfully I spotted a sliver of an opening between them and the seat partition, so I manage to slip past them with my big back pack. I give myself credit for being alert and on my toes, for living in this crazy city for 24 years.


(The shit I go through every day) Little Reiko and (The shit I am put through thanks to this woman) Turkey

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