The Luxury of Eating What You Want.

Dear Diary,

On my way home, I saw the word


scrawled on a traffic pole.


I thought this was very funny, considering that I considered herbivores to be rather gentle by nature. Aside from a few friends I know who associate their choice to be vegan to a social and political fight to protect all animals, most other vegans I observe just go about their business in choosing what they eat.

Then it also made me wonder…

I’ve never really categorized myself as a

    Herbivore / Vegetarian

If pressed, I may consider myself as “Other”, because I do a bit of everything, though I possibly weigh a little heavier on the vegetarian side… However being someone who has a hard time sticking to policies – even self inflicted. As a human, I give into temptations and treat myself to something very delectable and horribly bad for my cholesterol (God Forbid) but it brings me immense joy that I have that choice to make and enjoy it.

Getting back to the Vegan proclamation on the traffic pole, the interesting part is that while scrawled largely down the pole, the letters are light and thin. As if to want to scream “VEGAN!!” but it’s lacking just that little somethin’ somethin’ 🔥. I wondered about if someoe wrote ” CARNIVORE!!” on the ither side just to balance it out, even with a thick black magic marker?

Well…. that’s just adding more noise to graffiti.

That said, I was thoroughly entertained by that unexpected scribble. I don’t know if that was an angry or proud or confused scrawl, but how very sign of the times message it displays. When I was growing up, food was food. You were lucky to have so many choices and to be able to afford to be so picky.

I just hope to be able to continue having this choice, regardless of politics and health 🍷🍪🍱🎈🍨🍮🍩🍟🍔🥓🥩🌽🍆🥒🥬🥦🥑🧁🍰🥃🍽

Happy Eats, folks.

Always hungry Little Reiko and “say yes to everything ” Turkey.

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