Little Reiko’s Moments: Affirmation

Today was a productive, busy day where it seemed like a non-stop run of events and things to do. From work, to class, to therapy - Wednesdays is a long marathon non-stop rush of chasing schedules, like clockwork. But we've had pockets of fortunate happenings yesterday and today – getting a seat on a crowded … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Affirmation

Little Reiko’s Moments: End of Summer

Enjoying the nature's sound, the gentle breeze and the lapping water of the river. The cicadas are singing their final songs of the summer and soon we will be putting away our light clothes and sandals in exchange for leather coats and boots. But for now...Just this moment.... We lie still and look up at … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: End of Summer