Little Reiko’s Diary is a collection of musings, observations, rants and fun, crazy situations that I experience, that I started sharing with a small group of friends and family. Soon it became a collection of stories over the course of several years and as of 2019, I have finally decided it was time to share it with the world.

In case you might be wondering, there might be a mention of “turkey” here and there during my entries. “Turkey” started out as what I called my love handle (some call it a bicycle wheel) that I have had since high school. Eventually over time with these journals, “Turkey” started having its own persona. It’s now what I refer to as my inner child, the one who is shameless, the one that says “YES” to all of the things offered in the menu, the fearless one. No, it’s not my alter “ego” by any means – it’s just… “turkey”.

That said, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.


Little Reiko and “turkey”.