Diary Entries

Little Reiko’s Moments: Survival Skills

After watching "Interstellar" and spending an entire day battling tech issues at the office today, the thought that crept up on me was: If the world's survival depended on my ability to type a secure password properly, swiftly and correctly, within a given time limit.... I'm sorry but we will all be doomed. However, I … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Survival Skills

The Homeless Are Not Tourist Attractions

Dear Diary, Unlike my usual entries, here is one that is thought-provoking and more sombre. As we get more and more tourists visiting the big ol' Apple, I find it interesting how many are so blissfully ignorant about how life is beyond their bubble. Ohhhh... Spirit of America..... The 1 train from my station was … Continue reading The Homeless Are Not Tourist Attractions

Little Reiko’s Moments: Like A Brides Maid Dress

When you're asked to do something of what you would consider as bad taste or idea to the project that you are working on - whether it be the client, your manager or a group of people hovering over you - it is like being asked to wear a really ugly, frilly, god awful bright … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Like A Brides Maid Dress

Little Reiko’s Moments: Bentos – refrain

I make bentos for myself and my hubby - almost every morning. Almost. Because it takes about an hour to put together and it's gone in 60 seconds. As per my post a while back, I've got this severe desire to have a home made bento for lunch, ever since I could remember.  So here's … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Bentos – refrain

Tourists, please watch where you sit in NYC

Dear Diary, The weather has become nicer and while Times Square has not ceased to see its share of tourists, with warmer weather the number of visitors increase. What I'm seeing more often is tourists who are tired of walking the concrete jungle, plopping themselves down on the sidewalks of Broadway, 7th, 8th and 9th avenues … Continue reading Tourists, please watch where you sit in NYC

The Thing About Student Dance Showcases…

Dear Diary, I've completed another lovely performance workshop over a week ago and I have to say, with each one I learn more about the curious dynamics of humans when put into a group performance. Of course, it's a great goal to have to work towards putting your daily efforts on to stage, but unless you … Continue reading The Thing About Student Dance Showcases…

Little Reiko’s Moments: Consistency

CONSISTENCY.  Consistency in good qualities establishes trust and comfort by those who are going to consider hiring you, use you for their next project. Consistency in excellence means repeat and growing business. Consistency means to keep working at it and not sit back, become comfortable thinking that your work is done. Consistency also means not … Continue reading Little Reiko’s Moments: Consistency

Crepes and Me

Dear Diary, I saw a pink crepe truck parked on the sidewalk near my apartment again. Whenever I see a crepe truck, it brings back bitter sweet memories of my high school days, when I was a chubby (in Japanese standards) awkward teenager going through puberty and entrance exam stress, college applications, boys (or lack thereof) … Continue reading Crepes and Me