Sandra Oh’s Doppleganger

Dear Diary,

For a several years now, I’ve had people come up to me approach me thinking I was “that actress from [insert movie or tv series name]”.

Sandra Oh had become a mainstream name when she starred as the feisty cardio surgeon Christina Yang in the show “Grey’s Anatomy” and ever since, I’ve been a recipient of mistaken celebrity sighting.

It all started at a screening event

My hubby and I were invited to a movie screening and premiere of Mystic River, directed by Clint Eastwood that was held at the Lincoln Center.

We were on out way to the auditorium when a middle aged woman came running up behind us, saying

“I LOVED you in that film…!”

At first I thought she was running up to us to tell us something was up regarding the screening, but she stood there, full in excitement and looking straight at me with obvious adoration. It took me a good minute, scrambling through my head with faces and names I may have forgotten but it slowly dawned on me she was mistaking me for an actress. My hubby and I were after all at a movie premiere, dressed up for a formal event.

After along pause I asked her,

“Sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about. What movie? 🤔”

She says (with eagerness but now also slightly confused herself) 😯

Weren’t you in Under The Tuscan Sun and Sideways??”

Um……. Sandra Oh?

Of course, she thought I was Sandra Oh!!!

“Ohhhhhhh (no pun intended)…. You’re thinking I’m Sandra Oh, the ACTRESS? Sorry, but I’m not her.”

We both laughed and parted ways, but it made me think about that scene in Sideways where she was caught in a very compromising position in bed or when she said something like, “I donno, you could give your Butt a Facial?” in Under The Tuscan Sun.


(Photo: Under The Tuscan Sun)

Encounters in Times Square

Not soon after that happening, more fans popped up randomly. I guess also the fact that we were living very close to Times Square and Sandra’s weekly exposure as Christina Yang on a hit show created this phenomenon…

Once I was getting out of the cab in Times Square near the apartment and a tourist who was about to get in after me, stops short with a gasp and a look of great surprise.

“OH MY GOD… it’s YOU!”

This reaction always cracks me up. Of course I know who I am, but who is SHE think I am?

…and my reaction is always polite and swift with

“Sorry, I’m not HER. I’m not Sandra Oh.”

“??? Oh… But you look so much like her?”

“Sorry, I’m not 🤷🏻‍♀️😄”

Once I was taking the escalator up in a hotel (where my gym is located) and an Asian man with an autograph book, came running after me, asking me to give him an autograph. I had to disappoint him by telling him that I could sign his book but it wouldn’t mean anything to him because I’m not the actress he thinks I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️😄

Can you take a picture with my GF?

Another time I was walking up 8th avenue on a fine summer day, and a young German couple stops me on the street. The guy approaches me and asks me to take a photo, so I thought he wanted me to snap a couple shot of them near Times Square or something.

It wasn’t a particularly memorable spot to take photos but I’d figured I’d do them a favor, but then when I pointed the lens to the both of them, the guy says,

“Oh…. no. Can I take a photo of you with my girlfriend?”

Again, it doesn’t always hit me that these people are convinced I’m Sandra Oh, so this above mentioned sentence hit me in a very weird interpretation of…

(My internal thought) -> “What the HELL do you want a picture of me with your girlfriend on a random spot on 8th Avenue????? 🤨

(What I really said) -> “Um…. Okay but… WHY?”

He sees my bewilderment and quickly explains that his girlfriend is a huge fan of Sandra Oh and Grey’s Anatomy, LOL. Again, I had to explain myself and tell them that while I appreciated the request, that the two shot photo of a complete stranger will not result in any celebrity memorabilia. 😂📸

Since then I’ve had a few other sporadic instances of glances, looks – even while out in Florida in a Seven Eleven, or a remote bar where my 3 brother in laws, my hubby and I went for drinks, and there would usually be a group or an individual who is staring hard at me, trying to guess why Sandra Oh would be hanging out there, of all places. My brother in laws love when this happens, because they were just waiting for Paparazzi to show up out of no where to snap a shot of my hubby and I and we’d somehow show up in some tabloid as “Sandra Oh sighting”.

Of course, that never happened, as far as I am aware of 💻

Sandra Oh wins the Golden Globes for “Killing Eve”

It’s been a long while since I’ve had fans run up to me nowadays. Partly because Sandra Oh left Grey’s Anatomy to pursue other creative opportunities, and so her exposure via television had widely diminished. However, she has resurfaced as Eve and I’m loving watching her just shine in episode after episode.

Most recently she has won the 2019 Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Award for her role in Killing Eve and the first Asian actress to be given such an honor. As her look alike and fan, I can’t be more proud and happier for her to have received the acknowledgement and praise from the industry leadership for her tremendous work and talent.

So… I don’t know if I will be getting any more run-ins from Sandra fans in the near future as Killing Eve comes back on air, as it’s also played on BBC America and therefore is not as commonly available as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was, but I can’t wait for her to be back on air again soon.

The funny thing is… it gets me too.

Whenever we watch re-runs of older episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or that I see Ms. Oh play Eve in “Killing Eve”, there’s a distinct familiarity in the mannerisms of her characters that makes me feel like I am sometimes watching myself played on on TV. It’s not so much the likeness of the hair, or the facial features but the verbal and facial expressions, the choices of words and the rebel attitude mixed with the deep rooted empathy and kindness, combined with even the tone of voice that makes me go, “Oh… I do that”. It’s a great coincidence and I hope one day she will win an Oscar for one of her leading roles in the future, as I think every character she has played that I have seen on the big and small screen, has an endearing quality about her.

I leave you with a wonderful advice from one of her characters, Christina Yang. When you are faced with a difficult problem and you don’t know what to do…

(I could be Ms. Oh’s stand in) Little Reiko and (I want to be her pet) Turkey

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